• Fundamentals of Information Technology Course

    Students in this introductory course review the history and explosive growth of computer-based technology. They learn how computers have become a part of today's knowledge-based society and are used in nearly every industry. This course looks at the jobs performed by information technology professionals and the various training, skills and positions available in this industry.

  • Essential Computer Technology Course

    Students learn about the basic function and components of computers. Individuals are taught how to build and disassemble computers, install operating systems and perform hardware and software upgrades. This course also teaches participants how to troubleshoot common firmware and hardware problems.

  • Basic Web Design Course

    Basic webpage design, including graphic and information design, accessibility and usability, is discussed in this course. Students learn how to embed graphics and use cascading style sheets, computational tools and other technologies to create interactive webpages. This class examines the websites of colleges, corporations and individuals to evaluate design concepts. Participants are taught how to enhance webpage design utilizing graphics, text, audio and video.

  • Information Security Course

    This course examines how information security safeguards computers, networks, servers and other electronic equipment. Students explore the role of IT security and the importance of analyzing equipment for security weaknesses. The development of policies and procedures to address physical, viral, computer and network threats is covered.

  • Basic Networking Course

    Students gain training in basic networking for local area networks, workstations, wide area networks and other areas, including the Internet. This course reviews standard network operating systems. The curriculum can help prepare individuals for professional Network+ certification examinations.

  • IT Ethics and the Law Course

    This course reviews the ethical concerns raised by the rapid growth of information technology. Students review topics such as intellectual property, file sharing, Internet crime, privacy and social responsibility. Participants learn how IT industry professionals tackle ethical issues within the daily course of their work.

Zimbabwean students studying in Russia have written some reviews about their respective universities.With a scale of 1 ★ to 5 ★ as good.

Dmitri Mendeleev university of chemical technology

It’s a generally good university which offer fundamental knowledge about technology. Situated not far from Moscow

Far Eastern Federal University

Dormitories are expensive but everything else is alright


Good university with good modules and good international relations.

Moscow Aviation Institute
Moscow State Technological University “STANKIN”

Located at the heart of Moscow. Offers rigorous and competitive programs in engineering and technology.

Moscow State University of Geodesy and Caryeography

Good university for studying geodesy and cartography


Its an institute mainly focused on engineering. Very nice school if you really want to learn.

North Caucasus Federal University
Tomsk Polytechnic University

Good facilities and vibrant student life. Would recommend future students to pick English programs if possible.

Tomsk State University

Research University located in Siberia, good place to pursue your dreams

Tomsk State University

Research University in Siberia. Good places to pursue your dreams

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