• Medicine – 6 year educational program; Qualification – Physician (Specialitat, MD)
  • Dentistry - 5 year educational program; Qualification – Physician in Stomatology (Specialitat, MD)
  • Pediatrics - 6 year educational program; Qualification – Physician in Pediatrics (Specialitat, MD)
  • Adaptive Physical Education Culture
  • Faculty of Clinical Psychology
  • Biology Degrees
  • Higher Education Nursing School
  • Manager Training for Medicine
  • Biomedical Science Degrees
  • Molecular Cell Biology Degrees
  • Molecular Cell Biology Degrees
  • Biochemistry Degrees
  • Dentistry and Pediatrics programs contains preclinical period (1-3 years) with basic
  • Molecular Medicine Degrees
  • premedical and introductory medical disciplines, and clinical training (4-6 years

Zimbabwean students studying in Russia have written some reviews about their respective universities.With a scale of 1 ★ to 5 ★ as good.

Kaluga State University

A good place to study but with very few foreigners

mari state university

Mari state university is one of the leading medical universities in Russia. It is located in Yoshkar Ola , the capital city of Mari el. The education system is very friendly. When it comes to Pharmacy and natural sciences ,Biology and Medicine , Mari state university is one of the best places to consider. There are also different facilities such as mathematics, faculty of law engineering and many others that are offered at MarSU. Students can choose to study either in Russian or English language. Student life is more favorable as the university tries by all means to provide students with best and affordable accommodation facilities. For those interested in sporting activities, Mari state university is the best place to consider as it supports different sporting activities such as Soccer, Volleyball and Mixed Martial arts among others. The only challenge i can highlight is that of weather conditions as winters are sometimes very cold .

North Caucasus Federal University
Pacific State Medical University

Small, specialised university. The oldest and best medical school in vladivostok, with old and well experienced lectures in their respective fields. Living conditions aren't quite comfortable at the moment but they are major renovations going on. By end of this academic year they would be done and things will be back to normal or better. The city is very expensive to live (more expensive than Moscow) in despite it not being a big city. We have a very small African community here. As for my school i am the only black student.

Russian National Research Medical University (RNIMU Pirogov)

The training system adopted at my university, doesn't favour foreigners at all. To make it clearer, I will give a vivid example and analyze a specific case. Let's take the main Pharmacy subject - Inorganic Chemistry. How did you pass the colloquium? First of all, you write the test and the pass score is 70%. Then you go for the written and oral part. If you don't pass the test, then you are not allowed to the written and oral part of the colloquium and you go first to retake the test, and then to retake the theoretical part, when the teacher has free time 😥 The biggest challenge is writing the test successfully, +70%. Now I will write more concisely, about the education in RNIMU Pirogov. The university: 1) Created unfavorable conditions for learning in principle especially for Foreigners 2) Built a curve system for assessing knowledge which is bad 3) There is nowhere and no time to eat (there is no concept of a lunch break, it can be random 20 minutes between lessons, if you're lucky) 4) They recruit a lot of students and expel a lot. In my faculty of Pharmacy, no foreigner survived, after first semester they got expelled because of the system. I do not think this training system is inadequate, there is no point in applying at this university. Studying for the sake of a prestigious university in this university is too difficult due to the system, and there will simply not be a positive feedback in the form of knowledge. For the PIROGOV degree? Well, go ahead, it's a personal matter, but remember not closing exam subject in an exam semester is immediately Goodbye.

Smolensk State Medical

Smolensk State Medical is located in Smolensk city near the Belarussian /Russian border. It’s a good university but with less Africans. The total numbers of black Africans currently enrolled is just six

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