• Electrical and electronic engineering

    With electricals and electronics used in nearly every aspect of our lives, this is a crucial type of engineering which focuses on small circuits and electrical power supplies. You will follow the electrical equipment through processes such as: designing, developing and testing.

  • Civil engineering

    As a civil engineer, you will oversee construction of roads, bridges, buildings and utility and transport networks such as rail and water. You will be able to follow a variety of different career paths or degrees that lead to fulfilling engineering careers.

  • Chemical engineering

    A combination of different subjects such as experimental and life sciences, chemical engineering focuses on the development of new materials and is crucial for numerous engineering fields. Producing new useful materials and substances is essential to humanity's future prosperity.

  • Mechanical engineering

    Concentrating on manufacturing, design and maintenance of mechanical systems, you will be developing mechanical solutions that cater to the needs of society. Mechanical engineering is a broad area that can lead to a range of specialisms.

  • Specialist types of engineering

    Within these four common types of engineering sits a variety of specialisms. These specialist degrees that focus on specific aspects of engineering, are ideal for those who have a strong idea of the engineering field they want to pursue.

  • Aerospace engineering

    This specialism will see you focus on the design, development, construction and production of aircraft. You could also progress into astronautical engineering. These branches of engineering require many skills from different areas, including mechanical, electrical and computer engineering.

  • Agricultural engineering

    Covering all aspects of agriculture you will develop, design and research biofuels, food processing methods, animal environments and farming machinery. You could also seek out and develop renewable and more sustainable farming technologies and energy resources.

  • Biomedical engineering

    Meeting the needs and demands of healthcare businesses, you will develop and design solutions to improve the standard of care for patients. This includes advanced medical equipment such as MRIs and artificial internal organs, helping to solve clinical problems.

  • Computer engineering

    Design and develop computer systems and other devices through a combination of electronic engineering and computer sciences. Computer engineering is ideal for those with an interest in how computers operate and you will be improving both software programs and hardware.

  • Environmental engineering

    Using principles of both science and engineering, you will focus on advancing on fundamental and construction engineering, seeking ways to improve the quality of air, water and soil. You will research and develop ways to protect the environment and improve waste management and air pollution systems.

  • Architectural engineering

    Combining science, technology and a variety of engineering systems such as structural, electrical and mechanical, architectural engineers design buildings to enhance the standard of living. You will design and manage projects using an array of skills.

  • Automobile engineering

    An exciting and rewarding career, you will use technical expertise and creative skills to design and develop various types of vehicles. Automobile engineers specialise in the development of motorcycles, cars, buses and trucks to name a few - responsibilities include design, manufacture and distribution.

  • Robotics engineering

    Using electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering skills, robotic engineers assist in the development, design and production of the operation of robots and automated systems. They are also typically responsible for repairing and maintaining robotic machinery.

  • Mining engineering

    As a mining engineer you will typically design underground mines and open-pits. You will use your knowledge of extracting and processing minerals to supervise the construction of mine shafts and tunnels, as well as develop methods for transporting the minerals.

  • Marine engineering

    As a marine engineer you will be responsible for the design and production of boats, ships and underwater craft. You will also test and repair sea vessels and structures, as well as work closely with engineers and other professionals such as naval architects.

  • Nuclear engineering

    As a nuclear engineer you will deal with the application of nuclear energy. You could specialise in just one field of nuclear engineering, working within a specific setting such as nuclear power plants, nuclear weapons and radioactive-waste disposal facilities.

  • Structural engineering

    A specialism of civil engineering, structural engineering focuses on designing structures such as buildings and bridges. As a structural engineer you would work closely with architects, consulting and advising about safety factors.

Zimbabwean students studying in Russia have written some reviews about their respective universities.With a scale of 1 ★ to 5 ★ as good.

Dmitri Mendeleev university of chemical technology

It’s a generally good university which offer fundamental knowledge about technology. Situated not far from Moscow


Good university with good modules and good international relations.

Moscow State Technological University “STANKIN”

Located at the heart of Moscow. Offers rigorous and competitive programs in engineering and technology.


Its an institute mainly focused on engineering. Very nice school if you really want to learn.

North Caucasus Federal University
Tomsk Polytechnic University

Good facilities and vibrant student life. Would recommend future students to pick English programs if possible.

Tomsk State University

Research University located in Siberia, good place to pursue your dreams

Tomsk State University

Research University in Siberia. Good places to pursue your dreams

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