• 3rd Aug 2022


Everything you should know before arrival: free time and culture, accommodations and prices in Russia

Universities in Russia offer accommodation to all foreign students with full-time education. Students studying with distance education are offered accommodation for examination period. Cost of accommodation is 300 - 6 000 rubles (approximately $5 - $90) per month; the price depends on comfort level in a specific university residence hall. Fees can be paid monthly, every term or once a year according to specific university internal regulations.

If you do not want to live in a university residence hall, you can rent a room or an apartment, which will cost you about 10 000 rubles (approximately $150) for a room in a shared apartment and 25 000 - 35 000 rubles (approximately $370 - $520) for apartment in big cities. It will be much cheaper in non-metropolitan areas.

All payments in Russia are accepted only in rubles. You can exchange currency in any bank, but note that international credit cards are accepted anywhere. To receive a money transfer you can use your credit card or Western Union. 
Here are some main expenses: studying, accommodation, health insurance, food and transport.

In Russian Universities student life is very active and interesting; you can participate in conferences, exhibitions and science or educational seminars.

You can also take part in sport activities, in each university there are basketball, football, volleyball and other teams.

Cultural live is also reach: there are creativity competitions, beauty contests and KVN (clubs of funny and inventive people which are humor contest clubs run by university students).

If you choose accommodation in a residence hall on campus, you live near the university. If you live far from University you should buy student travel card for using public transport.