• 3rd Aug 2022

Distance learning

Distance learning as an easy way of relaying information too far away from students is characterized by quite a number of demerits. Despite having equipped themselves with the required and state of the art equipment, internet connection for students who live in remote areas has proved to be a major challenge. 

 Health-wise- studying online for long hours on computers or cellphones is another major concern as issues like ozone irritation associated with long hours looking at a computer or cellphone are likely to arise which has posed a danger to some students who went to the extent of having a blurry vision. 

Lack of physical contact between students and their online tutors is another point of concern as the student-tutor bond is crucial within the assessment of students. The loss of this bond has in many situations led to the yielding of poor results as the teachers/tutors can't fully monitor student studies via online platforms from the time they begin assessing them to exam time.

Amid studying online, students ought to be highly disciplined in all aspects of academics and should be submissive to their lecturers and Professors.

Talent John Musaniwa